Kaffir / Makroot Lime Leaves

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Makroot Lime leaves are also called Kaffir Lime leaves. It is a Thai food essential. It has a fragrant, floral, earthy lemon flavour. Remove the midrib of each leaf and crush or finely chop the balance to release it's flavour in soups, salads or curries. The Thai's use leaves and rind of the makroot lime in many dishes to add citrus aroma and flavour. These are also used widely in Southeast Asia cuisine too. Normally added at the beginning, especially in making Tom Yum Soup, or in nearly the final steps, like in making some curries and spicy stir-fried dishes. In making the popular dish like the makroot lime leaves are an essential ingredient added. The Thai's also sometimes use these fine shreds to spread over many Thai dishes as edible garnish.

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