Thai Brinjal

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Tiniest brinjal ever, literally the size of a pea, hence it's also known as Pea Eggplant, Pea Aubergine and Wild Eggplant. These berries look like green peas - it's easy to mistake them for green peas in curries except that they contain brown seeds that lend the berries their bitter flavour. Green, fresh Pea eggplant fruit is a classic ingredient in Thai dishes like Green curry and chilli sauce. The fruit has a bitter taste but the bitterness is reduced when it has been cooked. Pea eggplant can be stir-fried, pickled and used in curries or soups. It is very versatile and can be crushed and used to create delicious relishes, sauces and dips. The young fruIts are used as fresh vegetable or scalded vegetable to serve with chili paste. They are typically cooked whole, a slightly bitter flavour and a unique texture that bursts satisfyingly in the mouth when eaten.

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