Thai Sweet Basil

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A spicy basil. A lovely liquorice and flavour and aroma, it is as aromatic as it is tasty. Lots of peppery, anise-like, and warm spicy flavours in this herb. Thai basil has medium sized green leaves, purple stem and purple flowers. It's quite fragrant, and the smell is quite unlike the other popular basil. Thai basil stands up to cooking a little better than sweet basil, making it a good choice for soups, stir-fries, and curries. It can also be eaten raw sprinkled over salads or cold noodles dishes, and used interchangeably with sweet basil in most recipes. Thai basil can be used in a lot of gourmet cocktail recipes too. In Thailand, the leaves of Thai basil are consumed in either fresh or cooked form, mostly added at the end of the cooking time. Thai basil leaves are also a frequent ingredient in making Thai red and green curry. In steaming of seafood Thai basil leaves are often added to enhance a flavour.

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